About 50 years ago, Muldersdrift was far from any town and most of the people dwelling in the area were living on plots. The MOTHs (Memorable Order of Tin Hats) had also built a retirement centre in the area. A few Christians were desirous of forming a church in the area where they could worship together. They came from a variety of denominational backgrounds and so they decided to form a union church, the Muldersdrift Union Church. The MOTHs offered them a piece of ground and so on it they erected a chapel for purposes of worship and fellowship. The Rev Bob Lowe from England was one of their first ministers.

Being a sparsely populated area, the membership of the church remained modest. After Bob Lowe, there were various ministers who served in the church, and there were periods in which there was no full time minister. Like all churches, the MUC had its ups and downs. At one point a number of folk left the church over differences of doctrine and practice, and it looked as if the little church may have to close its doors. But a few loyal members rallied to the cause and made provisions to keep the doors open. The work consolidated again, and for some time Terry Martin maintained a successful and blessed ministry in the church. When approached to be the full time minister, he declined, not feeling that he was called to a full time pastoral ministry.

In 2006 the church invited Kevin Roy, then teaching at the Cape Town Baptist Seminary, to preach at the church with a view to a possible call. This was followed by a formal call to Dr Roy to become the pastor of the church, which he accepted, beginning service in January 2007. The work began to grow slowly until the point was reached that the little chapel could not adequately accommodate the congregation, or the Sunday School, which had grown from just a few children to about fifty or sixty children (primary school).

The tough decision was made to purchase a piece of land to put up another building that would be able to accommodate the growing church. Because the original chapel had been built on the property of the MOTHs, it was not possible to sell it. So the church had to consider financing from scratch the new property, land and building. The challenge was daunting – how to finance the new building with a relatively small congregation.

Work was begun, and in April 2014 the new building was formally taken into use. The main auditorium was able to seat about 300 people, and the Sunday School was provided with vastly superior facilities. And the building was entirely paid for on opening! It was a time of great rejoicing and praise to God.

Over the years the church has developed many ministries to cater for youth, the needy and the wider community.


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